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About Us

Efficiencize (formerly Window Efficiency Works) is based in Asheville, North Carolina. We are working to save energy and improve the comfort of older homes and buildings in the Asheville area, one window at a time!

Alan Tilson, founder and owner of Efficiencize, needed a solution to his drafty old windows. He didn’t want to replace his 100 year old windows, so Alan started looking for a way to make his existing windows work better, to increase their energy efficiency and to make his house more comfortable during the cold of winter. Alan discovered Window Inserts and realized they were a great solution for his own home.

Alan inquired into the possibility of offering window inserts to others and was able to become the regional representative and thus, Efficiencize was born as Scream Efficiency! where we are still dedicated to making your older, existing windows scream “Efficiency”!

We at Window Efficiency Works are dedicated to window efficiency, with a passion for saving energy, green retrofitting, and serving our customers and clients with honesty, care, and attention to detail. We know where the Window Inserts will work and are best applied. We offer both sales and installation, as well as regional fabrication for other distributors, home remodeling contractors, and DIYers.

Windows efficiency is difficult to accomplish without window replacement, but we have an effective solution that can benefit most homes, offices and buildings with old windows.

Serving Asheville, North Carolina and the surrounding area.