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Acoustic Series

Acoustic Series window insert specifically focuses on sound abatement across all frequency levels with exceptional performance while maintaining its discreet look and superior thermal properties. While the Thermal Series abates sound by up to 60% from pre-existing levels, the Acoustic Series boasts up to 80% sound reduction with an STC rating as high as 49, which rivals or exceeds the performance of many other competitive products and does so at a significantly reduced cost and aesthetic impact.

OurĀ Acoustic Series model is an ideal choice for many residential, commercial and historical applications. Whether you live on a busy street, airplane flight path or wish to maintain the comfort level of your hotel guests, the Acoustic Series window insert will perform extremely well, regardless of the application. Other acoustical window products have you call for a secondary and permanent window layer, which we feel is excessive, bulky and unattractive without an appreciable improvement above and beyond the Acoustic Series system. The Acoustic Series window insert is easily removed in seconds for access to the primary window for cleaning or maintenance and is just as easily re-applied to protect you from irritating and excessive decibel levels.

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