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How Window Inserts Work

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Windows are a huge source of lost heat and noise infiltration in many homes and commercial buildings. The combination of glass, which is a poor insulator, and air leakage (infiltration) result in an uncomfortable interior experience. To address the problem, there are two options: (1) remove the windows and replace them with a similar, newer version; or (2) dramatically improve the performance of the existing windows.

Window Inserts are the best way to create a comfortable, quiet living space, decrease your energy bills and support the environment. We don’t believe in removing your under-performing existing windows and replacing them with hastily installed new windows of questionable quality and performance. That can simply create new problems. We also believe that improving your windows should be affordable.

Window Inserts pay for themselves in energy savings 75% faster than brand name window replacements. At Window Efficiency Works, we choose the prudent, green alternative of improving your existing windows by addressing their weaknesses in insulation and infiltration. There is no window removal or related chaos and damage to your home or business. The only result is dramatically improved comfort and energy savings.

Window Inserts are custom made to fit each existing window individually. They are installed in front of your existing glass windows, creating a sophisticated air seal keeping cold air and noise outside and comfortable air in your home. Window Inserts are Interior Storm Windows, and like traditional storm windows, they keep the constantly fluctuating weather outside of your home or building, and seal the environment inside for your comfort.

Double pane windows work in part by creating a dead-air space between two panes of glass. Window Inserts by Window Efficiency Works work in a similar manner, but to a better extent. By installing the Window Insert inside your already existing glass window, you are increasing this dead-air space effect. The air trapped between your glass window and the Window Insert acts as a further buffer. Then you have the acrylic insert which is a better insulator then glass. The PVC frame with expandable bellows, also insulates better than aluminum frames. All of this combines to separate the warm inside air from cold prime window glass, and the even colder air outside.

Insert Options and Upgrades