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Insert Options and Upgrades

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In addition to the standard Thermal Series Window Insert, we offer many options and upgrades specifically tailored to your unique windows and needs.

Acoustic Series

For increased sound abatement. While the standard Window Insert abates sound by up to 60% from pre-existing levels, the Acoustic Series boasts up to 80% sound reduction with an STC rating as high as 49, which rivals or exceeds the performance of many other competitive products and does so at a significantly reduced cost and aesthetic impact.

The Acoustic Series upgrade is an ideal choice for many residential, commercial and historical applications. Whether you live on a busy street, airplane flight path or wish to maintain the comfort level of your hotel guests, the Acoustic Series window insert will perform extremely well, regardless of the application. Other acoustical window products have you call for a secondary and permanent window layer, which we feel is excessive, bulky and unattractive without an appreciable improvement above and beyond our Acoustic Series system. The Acoustic Series Window Insert is easily removed in seconds for access to the primary window for cleaning or maintenance and is just as easily re-applied to protect you from irritating and excessive decibel levels.

Preservation Series

An interior storm window system created specifically for the historical community. In fact, many local, state and federal historical agencies, including the National Park Service have granted use of our storm window product because the Window Insert is exclusively an interior mounted product and the aesthetic impact to the exterior is eliminated. All agree that the slim 3/4″ wide vinyl frame and discreet attachment system options make for a perfect fit and look.

The upgrade to museum quality UV filtering acrylic creates a clean and invisible finish with outstanding protection from the heat and/or cold and a 98% filtration from the sun’s harmful UV rays (a significant increase over our standard acrylic’s 85% UV filtration properties). Because of the unique magnetic attachment method to the steel sub frame, removal and placement for cleaning or storage are quick and easy.

To further compliment your home or building we also have a variety of custom paint colors and wood veneers. There are further details about these customizations below.

Professional Series

The “Pro” Series  Window Insert says it all in the name… the best.  For the most discerning client who must have a superior quality storm window product and is willing to pay for it, the Pro Series  model is a must.

What separates the Pro Series model from all of the other quality  Window Insert options is in the crystal clear glazing we use during construction.  We use abrasion-resistant quality acrylic (available in 1-sided or 2-sided, 1/8? or 1/4? thick) to give you the superior thermal, acoustic, UV light filtration and optical clarity of acrylic, but with the hard coat properties of glass to make it extremely durable and long-lasting.  This amazing tandem does come with an increased cost, but so do most building products made from the finest quality.

Custom Color and Wood Veneer Options

We use a commercial grade Benjamin Moore base that has excellent adhesion to vinyl, steel and wood.  You may choose the custom color that best matches your home or building interior and existing windows.

We also have the follow wood veneer options available:

Cherry, Hickory, Knotty Pine, Mahogany, Maple, Red Oak, Walnut ,White Ash, White Birch, White Oak, White Pine

Window Shape

Window Shapes