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What are Window Inserts or Interior Storm Windows?

We provide custom-built, magnetically sealed, removable Window Inserts. Window Inserts are NOT a replacement window, but are a better, more affordable, and more energy efficient alternative to replacement windows. They work with your existing window to provide increased thermal efficiency, sound abatement, and UV ray protection. Our Window Inserts may also be called Interior Storm Windows or Window Panels.

Window Inserts are custom made, interior windows designed to fit and match each existing window individually. They are installed in front of the existing glass windows, creating a sophisticated air-seal keeping cold air, hot air, noise, and UV rays outside the building. Our highly trained staff take exact measurement of all sides, dimensions, and angles of your existing windows to facilitate the custom build process. Odd sizes and distorted window frames are easily accommodated.

Window Insert on White Window

High quality 1/8 inch acrylic is then cut to each window’s unique dimensions. We use acrylic instead of glass because of its strength, light weight, and superior insulating qualities. Acrylic, unlike some other plastics will not yellow, fog, or crack over time, guaranteeing years of crystal-clear exterior views.

Next, the acrylic is fit into a custom built vinyl extrusion track system. The track includes a proprietary bellows system which creates a tight seal to the window frame by utilizing the flexible bellows and commercial magnet strips. The bellows expand and contract as temperatures change, maintaining the weather seal and eliminating infiltration.

White Frame Angle

The framing system is made of exterior grade vinyl designed to withstand harsh U/V light without becoming brittle or discolored. The interior facing portion of the Window Inserts can be custom matched to any color. For oversized windows, Window Inserts are designed in smaller, partitioned segments to allow for easier maneuverability.

Window Inserts are virtually invisible from both inside and outside the building yet provide state of the art insulation by improving thermal performance and virtually eliminating air infiltration. Window Inserts are easily removed for window cleaning and temperate weather window access.

How Do Inserts Work?

Insert Options and Upgrades