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Thermal Series

Window problems can be found in about 80% of American homes and businesses. The solution is often Magnetic Interior Window Inserts which:

  • Stop Drafts which allow Cold & Heat Infiltration
  • Block Noise, Dust and Pollen
  • Reduce Condensation
  • Lower Heating & Cooling Costs
  • Protect the Environment

Our window inserts are not a storm or prime replacement window. They are Magnetic Interior Insulating Windows that installs within or over the existing window cavity. Yet its performance rivals or exceeds prime replacement windows – for much less cost!

Our interior inserts cover the existing window, creating a thermal barrier, keeping heat in during winter and out during summer. They are made of vinyl & acrylic – superior insulating materials. Vinyl & acrylic don’t conduct or lose heat nearly as fast as materials like aluminum and glass.

Our magnetic seal is virtually airtight. By installing our insert over an existing window, an insulating dead-air space is created. This separates the warm inside air from cold prime window glass. And with our bellows design that expands or contracts as temperatures change, the seal is maintained and annoying drafts are eliminated.

There are 2 locations for mounting interior magnetic inserts which are within the jam of each window utilizing a light-weight steel angle or on the surface over the window utilizing a flexible steel tape to which the magnets can adhere. So Magnetic Window Inserts offer a very flexible window efficiency enhancement!

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